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  • Going to the Chapel: Engagement Season | Colorado | Candid Keepsakes

    The holidays are upon us and it’s not surprising that engagements are a popular cheer this time of year. Families are often around to share the news with and a little bit of extra bubbly fits nicely in with the twinkling lights and delicious food. After all the clinks, hugs and tears are over- task killing usually hits the bride or groom pretty quick. Being on top of wedding planning is a must, but enjoying the engagement period is also must. Taking the time to remember your glow and face cramps from smiling too much is best done by way of a photography shoot.

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    Engagement shoots are not just a one stop shop. Usually engagement sessions are available as part of a package deal (but don’t have to be) with the wedding booking. Its best to keep the two together as it will give you as the couple and the photographer time to get familiar and bond before the big day. The engagement shoot will help your photographer experiment with your flattering angles, favored poses and any other personality cues to keep in mind during your big day.

    There are different types of shoots you can do depending on your style. Picking from casual, formal, candid or posed there are many opportunities to show your couple personality. The answer to choosing your style is simply based upon how you want to use your photos. Prints can be used within the wedding as favors or even decoration at the event. They can also be used as announcements or even classic prints for close family. Planning ahead of time on what you will be utilizing the pictures for will allow you to get the most out of your investment.


    If you are struggling with the look you want, head over to Pinterest. Candid Keepsakes has a page you can browse for some ideas on clothing, filters or even locations. Don’t forget to incorporate your flare in life. Include a fur baby or props that have meaning in your soon to be family. Splurge and hire that professional hairstylist or makeup artist. These photos are to be adored every anniversary and by your family and friends. Your grandchildren and/or future generations will lovingly look on these pictures in the future. Get fancy.


    Ultimately, on the day of your photo shoot be present and focused on each other. The pictures will shine with your personality and love much more if you are comfortable and sincere in your pictures. Don’t stress about the poses that you saw online or trying to model too much. Your photographer will coach you through the session and will adjust you as needed.

    Since you are already gussied up and dandy, go out and have a lovely dinner date to celebrate your first checklist item on the “get married” list.

  • Lifestyle Photography | Colorado | Candid Keepsakes

    Defined by the World Wide Web, lifestyle photography is a style of photography that captures real life moments for events, milestones and/or interactions from a natural and un-posed standpoint. This approach is nothing new to photographers as candid moments have been caught on film for ages. The intention of nixing the overdone themes and poses and going after the art of everyday life in action is the newest “it” thing on the block.


    Lifestyle photography seems like they can give you a complete blank slate, but it can be a bit much if you overthink it. You might wonder, how do I act natural with a camera following me around? Do I smile and/or look at the camera or do I ignore the lens?  Knowing ahead of time what kind of shots you are looking to get will help in how you interact with the photographer. If you are doing a family shoot, maybe set up an activity for everyone to participate in, like a picnic or a board game.

    Clothing should be something that is comfortable. Engaging with your family or even as a solo subject should come with ease when you are in your daily garb. The best attire should be comfortable to move around in, ringing true to your normal everyday vibes. To make it a little more special, due to the lasting nature of pictures, zazz your look up with some extras (makeup, jewelry or accessories) but don’t get crazy.  You don’t want to show up dripping in bling like an ad poster for Claire’s in the mall. On the other hand, if you do a tea party theme – over accessorizing is probably approved.


    Pick a spot you feel naturally comfortable in. Pull up a chair on the patio where you enjoy the outdoors or the local park where the kids like to play. You could even use the family room by plopping down on your cozy couch next to a fire or a killer book collection. The better you feel in your surroundings, the more natural your photos will come out (it helps to avoid the well-known, “pictures with the in-laws” smile).


    When you have these elements lined up, it will be easier to let your personality shine for the icing on that picture perfect cake. Be you. Be your family. The cool thing about lifestyle photography is that you truly get to be your own art. No one can look or represent your life the way you do, so capturing this will allow you to obtain a unique photo book that will tell the special tale of your own timeline.

  • Why You Should Hire a Professional Photographer | Colorado | Candid Keepsakes

    My cell phone and I are a pretty good team when it comes to pictures. Almost everyone with a belly button has a phone with a decent camera these days. We all have those app filters we love so dearly for magically dulling those wrinkles and illuminating our faces. So why would anyone hire a professional photographer?


    When you contract with a professional photographer, you are not just hiring the costly equipment and provided props. In their own way, they are artists with a keen eye for detail and the conductor of the orchestra of limitless image settings. They also hold valuable education and experience within the realm of technical skills and editing.  These professionals know their tools forwards and backwards, knowing how and when the settings need to be adjusted, and they do it rather quickly. Editing is not just about popping a filter on a picture and calling it good. Professionals know when to use the natural elements of a picture and when to supplement them with edited lighting.


    Experience is a huge advantage in the world of photography. Since people and events are imperfect and often unpredictable, the picture product can often be the same. It takes an experienced professional to be calm, knowledgeable and confident to overcome the biggest picture obstacles. There are no shortcuts that trump experience. These can be as simple as taking extra shots to cover any facial errors to the having the foresight to anticipate angle, lighting and scene difficulties. Working with experience offers a more fluid approach to a shoot, ultimately making for a more relaxed environment and better pictures.


    Professionalism, as a whole, is also important. When you work with friends or family, it can be hard to speak up if you are not satisfied with the final product of your photos or can create a rift between friends. If you hire a professional photographer, you are their client and they are required to deliver the service that you paid for in a timely manner with desired results. Any unsatisfactory elements will be addressed quickly versus possibly having to settle for subpar to not risk hurting personal relationships.


    When you think about the long road ahead, remember, all of the memories that paved that path can best be treasured through photographs. The bulk of these will most definitely be “snapshots” and possibly some Polaroid’s here and there. But, for the big life events, you will want to look back on these clearly and fondly. Professional photography is the only way to invest in these moments and be able to pass them down to future generations with heirloom quality.



  • Teepee & Campfire Mini Sessions! | Fox Run Park | Candid Keepsakes Photography

    Hello everyone! It’s that time of the year and we are so excited for our Fall Teepee & Campfire Mini Sessions!!! This is a great time to get in those family photos before the holidays begin. We all know how fast they creep up on us!  Candid Keepsakes & Shayla Marin Photography are teaming up and are all about making things easy for our wonderful clients! Mini’s are all about capturing the art of your family in-between those larger life events with just as much love, style and fun. These mini sessions are also great for couples, friends, kids and pets!

    Whats included in the mini session?

    •20 Minutes  with teepee and campfire at Fox Run Regional Park

    •Gallery of 5 Hand Edited Images with Option to Purchase More

    •Digital Delivery of Gallery

    •Professional Printing Options

    How much is the session?

    Session Fee $100.

    When are the mini sessions?

    Session Dates:

    Saturday, October 6th (3:30, 4:30-6:30 pm) (5 spots left)

    Sunday, October 7th (3:30-6:30 pm)

    Saturday, October 20th (4:00-6:30 pm) ( 5 spots left)

    Sunday, October 21st (3:30-6:30 pm)

    •Additional dates may be added depending on interest

    So how does it work? It’s easy! Just click the book now below!

    Book Now!

    • Session fee must be paid in full to hold session date. Session fee is non-refundable but is transferable to another date.


    Baby Photography | Mini SessionPennington'sPennington'sTeepee & Campfire Mini Sessions | Colorado SpringsShayla Marin Photography & Candid Keepsakes Photography

    Don’t forget that your images can be used also for those custom Holiday cards  that are coming around the corner soon. They are also perfect for printed gifts for the family that will be cherished for a lifetime! If you have any additional questions please contact us!

    We can’t wait to meet you!


  • Hippie Hiking | Colorado | Candid Keepsakes

    I love hiking. Is there a bumper sticker for that? I’m sure of it, and I need to buy it. It doesn’t matter when: Thanksgiving, Easter, Flag Day or even just a normal Thursday, I will take an hour or two for some fresh air and rosy cheeks (and the occasional wheezing for an hour if I forgot my inhaler). The nature, views and exercise are enough reason to go on daily hikes but, one day, while at whatever random point of interest I was hiking to, it hit me. Why not make it more interesting? Why not kick it into high gear for even more of a fun outing? Before I go into detail, I have a small disclaimer… my husband was totally supportive but not super interested in participating. This might be a girls only hike activity.


    Back to the “EUREEKA” moment…

    I call it “Hippie Hiking!” Every season in Colorado has some fabulous flora and/or romantic grasses and leaves. The idea is to go on a hike and, as you make your way through the trails, pick your favorite ground cover to make a natural crown to beseach upon your partner’s regal noggin. Both of you work on each other’s crown during the hike and reveal the final product at the end… with pictures of course. You can do this every season to kick of the changing of the seasons from Spring to Summer and so on.


    Here are some tips to help make your festive Fall photo frolic fun.

    Braid that hair ladies. The crowns don’t hold up well in silky smooth locks, so give your trail companion a nice base to be able to place stems in. If your hair is short, tease it or put some hairspray in it to make it more textured. Take a bobby pin or five with you to help get things started.

    Be sure to bang out the potential décor. You’re outside friends, there are bugs. Try and shake them off as best as you can or you will do the critter crawl down the trail when a ladybug gets down the back of your shirt.


    Be sure that you aren’t picking flowers on a protected trail. Garden of the Gods is one of them. Unless you like to RUN from park officials during a hike, I would suggest a local gem that is relaxed on flower picking rules.

    Don’t pick cacti unless you’re the toughest of the tough.  On second thought, I may have just come up with an idea to get my husband on board… hmmm…

    Flowers or grasses that are abundant are best. You don’t want to destroy a rare gathering of blooms for others to enjoy. Pick responsibly.

    Go try it! Make some fall leaf crowns! Take pictures and share them with us. We want to see your Hippie Hike!


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