About Me

Hi, I am Melissa Braden.

Hello!! I am Colorado lifestyle family photographer based in Colorado Springs. Since 2009, I have been capturing natural, vibrant imagery for modern families like you! Freezing moments in time that make memories that matter. I love creating and building lifelong relationships with my clients as their families grow and change, I love capturing the art of your story through natural posing, real life events or milestones in an artistic way.

More about me!

  • Colorado Native-born and raised
  • Two beautiful children-boy and girl
  • Married to the love of my life
  • I have a plant obsession
  • Self taught photographer
  • Professional photographer 10 years
  • Finished my degree of Graphic Design in 2018
  • LOVE gummy bears are my go to sugar substance
  • Strong dislike for brussels sprouts.
  • Love to travel and can't get enough of it!



“Melissa is very kind and thoughtful in how she relates to her clients. I knew right away after first meeting her that I would be using her again for future family milestones. She works quickly and efficiently, both while shooting our photos and editing our photos.”